Zeta Xi Theta Sorority  was founded, Jan 8th, 2020, by two best friends of 18+ years, "Shining Xi" Star Arrington (located in Washington, DC) and "Golden Xi" Aurelia Lewis (located in Philadelphia, PA) who had a vision to duplicate their sisterhood and developing a support system of women, for women! With self love, leadership, communication and accountability within arms reach, we believe anything is possible with the right support! 



The history of the founding ladies personal sisterhood: 

"Golden Xi" (Aurelia) and "Shining Xi" (Star) briefly met in middle school in Greenbelt, MD in 2003. Although not immediately close, the ladies remained cordial. By the time the ladies where in high school, they were a little more acquainted but found themselves on two separate sides of "friends". Golden Xi's bestfriends, at the time, were not very fond of Shining Xi and openly expressed that to Golden Xi. To make long story short, Golden Xi came to a realization that there was not an issue that she had personally with Shining Xi and decided to extend a "olive branch" and they were best friends ever since!

In 2010, the sisterhood was standing the test of time, or so they thought, until the personal lives of both ladies started to run their own course which caused them not to speak to each other for about 8- 9 years. Within that time, both ladies had children and experienced milestones.

Fast forward to 2018, following the death of a mutual childhood friend, the ladies slowly began to speak again. On one faithful day, Golden Xi reached out to Shining Xi without hesitation. The conversation was heartfelt and exposed a lot of understanding from both ladies! Ever since then, they were back like they never left!


The ladies have been a support systems for one another! Both ladies have started and are currently running their own individual business' and came together to form Zeta Xi Theta, Sorority to show just how important sisterhood is!