Our Mission: Provide a strong sisterhood foundation, building a support system, encouraging leadership, self love, communication and accountability. All while uplifting the women around us!  

Our Vision: To develop pillars upon our foundation that mirror but never limited to our tokens and virtues. To serve throughout our communities. To be a positive example and empower all women while offering this foundation for the young women after us. 


Our Tokens: 

  • Animal: Hummingbird 

  • Flower: Peony (Pink & Maroon) 

  • Stone: Rose Quartz 

  • Colors: Pink & Maroon 

  • Nicknames: ZXT or Xi's Ladies 

Our Virtues: 

  • Respect {everyone}

  • Communication {is key} 

  • Honor {one another}
  • Unity {between us}

  • Empowerment {given to each other}

  • Accountability {applies to all of us}

  • Loyalty {shared between us}


Our Priorities: While building a strong foundation, we strive to pour into and serve the community around us. We aim to collaborate and build a strong relationship with like minded businesses and organizations that can help contribute to our mission and vision. We stand behind getting an education and furthering education. We promote healthy eating and fitness and not for the trend or “phrase” but to eliminate health issues that can be prevented by doing so. We foster gaining the knowledge of credit health while learning about creating permanent wealth for our families.

"This Sisterhood is EVERYTHING!"


Join Zeta Xi Theta!

This sisterhood promotes self love, leadership, communication, and accountability. If you are looking for a sisterhood that incorporates all of this and them some? We would love to have you!


Just ask us how! 

Email: zxtsororityinc@gmail.com


Zeta Xi Theta Sorority. Established Jan 2020

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